Interplay Jazz Duo was formed in 2010 r. by the friends, who studied at The Karol Szymanowski Academy of Music
in Katowice (Poland): pianist Kamil Urbanski and bassist Jedrzej Laciak. The music that the band is playing is full of modern harmony and presents innovative forms. The musicians have also great respect to consonance of the instruments. In their compositions, for example: "5 h Non-Stop" (K. Urbanski), "Black Coffin-Shaped Snuff Box"(K. Urbanski), "Grandpa" (K. Urbanski), "Long Distance Waltz" (J. Laciak), "Second Moment of Sobriety"
(J. Laciak), "Papcio Chmiel" (K. Urbanski) and arrangements of jazz standards, which Interplay Jazz Duo has in its repertoire, musicians refer to classical music and to polyphony very often.

During the "Jazz nad Odra 2011" ("Jazz on the Oder") 47th Wroclaw Jazz Festival in March 2011 members of The Interplay Jazz Duo won 3rd prize (Kamil Urbanski) and got special award (Jedrzej Laciak).

In April 2011 Interplay Jazz Duo was the prizewinner of special award of the "Nadzieje Warszawy" ("Warsaw Hopes") Festival 2011, which is organized by the one of the most famous polish jazz club "Tygmont" in Warsaw in Poland.

Musicians of the group took a part in recording of the newest “Juniors Band” album in July and December 2011. This project, directed by Miroslaw Geborek assembles many famous polish jazz musicians, as a Justyna Motylska, Stanislaw Soyka, Jerzy Glowczewski, Adam Kawonczyk.

In October 2011 Interplay Jazz Duo got the 2nd prize in the Competition “Fresh Wind from Young Jazz” during the X International Krokus Jazz Festival in Jelenia Gora in Poland.

At the 4th Azoty Tarnow International Jazz Contest in November 2011 r. Interplay Jazz Duo won the 3rd prize. The president of jury was the jazz saxophonist Billy Harper.

The most important award among the Interplay Jazz Duo achievements is The Little Jazz Angel. In February 2012 international jury chaired by
Maria Schneider decided to award the group Grand Prix of The Lotos Jazz Festival 14. Bielska Zadymka Jazzowa in Bielsko-Biala in Poland.

In July 2012 Interplay Jazz Duo released its debut CD. Album was produced by Radio Katowice and promoted by Jazz Forum.


In April 2013 the band became the winner of The Phonographic Academy Award Fryderyk 2013 for the album Interplay Jazz Duo Jazz Music - Debut of the Year.